Beginners Guide on Buying Drum Sticks

If you want to know how to pick drum sticks, you are in the right place at the right time. We will go the extra mile to give you the information you want right here right now. We will talk about the materials that you need to choose and many other things like picking up drumeo edge lessons. So, lets get started shall we?

The Right Wood For Your Drumstick

You need to pick up the right wood for your drumsticks. You can choose from a wide array of woods such as maple, Japanese white oak, or maple. Laminated birch might be a suitable option for you too. These materials have different ways of absorbing or transmitting vibration. Remember that you need to pick up the right materials too. Tips come in delrin, nylon, and wood. A nylon tip is great because it can hold up longer on cymbals without developing soft spots or chipping. These tips don’t commonly change the drum`s sounds over time as well.

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Choosing the Shape Of Your Drumstick

Now, you have to choose the right shape for your drumsticks. Your tips will come in many shapes, and each of them will have their very own sound. Oval, ball, acorn, and barrel are common tip shapes that you can use right away. You will hear a different sound from each shape, and they also come in a wide array of sizes. If you want to create a deeper or bigger sound, a large tip will do the trick, while a short tip will give you a great articulate sound. Choose a barrel tip if you want to get a strong, dark sound. You have to decide on the type of thickness for your drumsticks out there.

Checking Lacquer Coating
You need to check the lacquer or varnish coating on each one of your drumsticks. You can use either a think lacquer or a heavy lacquer. Choosing the right brand is the next step in this process. Ahead is a good brand, and it has been favored by tons of metal drummers around the world. This brand is also famous for its weight and durability, though these sticks might hurt your hands from time to time as well.

Trying Out Your Drum Sticks

You just need to try the drumsticks out as soon as you can. You should try the drumstick out before buying it, as this will allow you to get a feel of their balance, springiness, and weight. You might need to get the 5Bs if you are going to play metal. Trying out new innovations these days is always a good idea in the world of drumsticks. You should get a pair of a stick that are fat so you can start out successfully. This will allow you to build up the important wrist strength over time as well.
As you can see, picking the right drumstick is not hard at all. Remember that you have to find the right materials so you can get the most out of your drumstick right away. Choosing the right shape is also paramount in this process, and this will allow you to take your performance to a whole new level of perfection down the road as well.

Video on Choosing New Drumsticks:

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